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Planting machinery

November 14, 2007  By Peter Darbishire

Over the last year, dozens of new models and designs of
farm machinery have been introduced by manufacturers. Many of you will have
seen these introductions at farm shows and in various industry announcements
– but, can you remember the details? This feature provides a reference
for you. -30-
Peter Darbishire, Editor

While Top Crop Manager editors make every effort to be
objective when reporting on new products, they cannot be held responsible for
claims made by companies. Readers are encouraged to contact the companies for
more details.

Central seed tanks speed planting
John Deere has enhanced its line of seeding products by offering its Central
Commodity System (CCS) as an option on all Deere/Bauer Built planters, ranging
in size from 44 to 90 feet. It features two 50 bushel seed tanks that are easy
to fill and clean out.


A key element of using Bt corn is the planting of a refuge in a field block
or strip of each field. For Bt corn growers who are looking to plant refuges
with an efficient seeding system, John Deere now offers a Refuge Plus option
for all CCS planters. A third tank has been added to the CCS, which allows the
grower to plant two different seed varieties at the same time. This Refuge Plus
tank has a 25 bushel capacity and makes it possible to plant the non-Bt refuge
corn while planting the regular Bt corn. Growers can fill the CCS tanks with
the appropriate seed and then plant strip refuges, on-the-go, while seeding
their normal Bt corn.

The new tank is located in front of the two existing tanks and provides eight
additional nozzles for seed distribution to the row units. All CCS planters
now use a larger fan and a re-designed manifold for increased air distribution
to the seed tanks. Seed corn growers will also benefit from adding the third
seed tank. They can plant both male and female seed in the desired pattern simply
by placing the male seed in the Refuge Plus tank and the female seed in the
CCS tanks and routing the seed delivery hoses to the desired row units. -30-
John Deere

For vacuum metering
The EdgeVac seed metering system from Kinze provides accurate seed singulation
for multiple crops and many seed sizes and shapes. The Kinze system uses 10-1/2
inch diameter seed discs. This accommodates more seed pockets around the perimeter
of the disc and can significantly reduce the speed of the meter. It also means
there is a greater number of seed pockets, at any given time, in the seed reservoir
and a seed pocket design that agitates the seed for more consistent seed pocket
fill. The discs are molded from urethane-based, engineering grade material,
which resists buildup of seed treatments and increases the life of the disc.

Another key feature, according to Kinze, is the open centre, non-concentric
design of the vacuum cover. Over time, most competitive vacuum meters will wear
a groove pattern in the seed disc because they are always turning in the same
circular pattern against a sealing surface. The Kinze design will substantially
reduce wear because the pattern is constantly changing and self-adjusting. As
a result, the EdgeVac seed meter, with its 'floating disc' design, creates a
consistently tight vacuum seal without friction or excess wear between the vacuum
cover and seed disc. There is no need to maintain extra meter parts, such as
vacuum seals or spools. -30-
Kinze Manufacturing

Central filling and refuge capable
The new White 8500 series planters, with a central filling system (CFS) are
versatile, simple, efficient and operator friendly. The planters combine the
proven precision planting technology and rugged engineering of the 8500 flex
frame planters with concepts used in the SC144 seed cart to produce an onboard
bulk seed hopper and distribution system.

The versatile design is ideal for planting refuge (non-Bt) corn rows and Bt
corn in a single pass. It also fulfills the unique needs of seed corn producers
needing to plant male and female rows in a single pass. With fewer components
and a positive air seed metering system that accepts row hoppers as easily as
CFS, the 8500CFS planters are easier to adjust, simpler to maintain and more
efficient in the field.

The new CFS series includes the 8523, 23 row, 15 inch spacing, 12 row, 30 inch
spacing; the 8524-20, 24 row, 20 inch spacing; the 8524-22, 24 row, 22 inch
spacing; the 8524-30, 24 row, 30 inch spacing; and the 8531, 31 row, 15 inch
spacing, 16 row, 30 inch spacing. The CFS twin 45 bushel bulk hoppers are mounted
directly over the centre frame of the 8500CFS planters. Operators can visually
check seed levels, thanks to the translucent polyethylene hoppers. The low profile
design, with its 22 inch diameter fill opening located only 42 inches above
the platform, makes the hoppers easy to fill whether by auger or by bag. Sloping
sides feed the seed to the bottom and make clean-out fast and easy. The rear
platform provides a convenient working area for the operator while the railing
helps to position the auger for mechanical refill. -30-
AGCO Corporation

Fill with ease
Central planter seed tanks save time and labour at planting time. Now they can
be filled with either a conveyor or folding auger from Unverferth for Deere
planters. Variable speed conveyor models feature galvanized construction, are
18 feet long by six inches wide and gently move seed at rates up to 10 bushels
per minute. Durable six inch belts with two inch vulcanized paddles are spaced
nine inches apart for carrying large seed volumes at steep angles. Side tolerances
of the belt to the outer edge are less than 1/32 inch to assure gentle seed
handling and eliminate seed pinching. The gas spring, lift-assist allows the
conveyor to store conveniently between the hoppers and allows easy platform
access, both in transport and during use.

Auger models feature 18 feet by six inch steel tube construction for enhanced
unloading height and strength. Augers are available with a choice of three flighting
options. Cupped steel or cupped plastic flighting moves seed at up to 10 bushels
per minute. Brush tip flighting transports seed at eight bushels per minute.
The auger model folds in half and locks in place for transport efficiency and
safety, fitting easily within the transport height and width of the planter.
Conveniently placed dual on/off controls and standard telescoping downspout
on both models allow for easy, one person filling of the seedbox from the ground
platform. -30-
Unverferth Manufacturing



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