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INTRODUCTION: Progress without change

INTRODUCTION: Progress without change

November 12, 2007  By Peter Darbishire

4aTop Crop Manager has made a move which will allow it to continue growing
and ensure its stability into the future. The magazine has been purchased, together
with the four associated titles also published by AIS Communications, by the
Delhi, Ontario based Annex Publishing & Printing, another privately owned business.
With the AIS titles, Annex is now the publisher of 23 special interest magazines,
each serving a select group of business-minded, professional readers.

Importantly, the entire Top Crop Manager team will continue to work
with the magazine: The editorial, advertising sales, production and circulation
management staff, including myself as editor and Peter Phillips as publisher
remain based at Exeter, Ontario. Field editors and advertising sales staff will
continue to work with the magazine at their respective home-offices. This dedicated
and experienced group of individuals will ensure this magazine maintains the
path it has progressed along since its conception.

Top Crop Manager has been known as Canada's premium crop management
advisory magazine, with western, eastern and specialty editions. The four eastern
editions are read by 22,000 leading crop producers and the seven western editions
by 29,000 leading crop producers. The annual specialty edition, Potatoes
In Canada
, is read by 2700.


Top Crop Manager was founded in 1973 and originally known as Agri-Book
Magazine, with annual editions Corn In Canada and Beans In Canada.
It has consistently brought producers packages of crop management features.
This first issue of 2005 is no exception!



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