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Farmers Edge launches new tool for agricultural professionals

Farmers Edge launches a new tool, SmartPro, for agricultural professionals with the aim to enhance their customer relationships and business growth by making use of precision digital tools. SmartPro offers data-driven analytics and analysis.

October 3, 2018  By Top Crop Manager

SmartPro is a set of tools consisting of both apps and a web-based platform. The three tools available only to agricultural professionals are:

  • eScout, an app to monitor field conditions and access scouting data.
  • eSample, an app for conducting precision soil sampling.
  • RxPro, all-in-one system that provides comprehensive Variable Rate Technology service and allows ag professionals to customize recommendation equations.

RxPro is also accessible through FarmCommand, the same integrated all-in-one platform Farmers Edge offers to growers. The data from eScout and eSample are also accessible through the growers’ platform. The SmartPro tool helps ag professionals, such as agrologists, agronomists, crop advisors, ag consultants and ag retailers, access multiple farm accounts from one platform.

With offerings powered by field-centric data collection, advanced analytics, integration and real-time data, ag professionals will have access to insights that provide a deeper understanding of growers’ needs, allowing them to deliver a higher level of service. Ag professionals are limited by time and resources; SmartPro is a scalable solution for providing sampling, scouting, and Variable Rate programs across more fields, in less time.


SmartPro is available in all the regions Farmers Edge currently operates in: Canada, USA, Australia, Brazil and Russia.


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