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Increased access to satellite imagery for Climate FieldView users

April 16, 2019  By Top Crop Manager

Based off a new agreement, farmers will be able to access Airbus satellite data of their fields through the digital agriculture platform Climate FieldView.

On April 8, Airbus Defence and Space and The Climate Corporation, a subsidiary of Bayer, announced a global agreement to deliver frequently updated satellite imagery from Airbus to farmers through the Climate FieldView platform.

As a result, farmers who use Climate FieldView can access high-resolution data of their fields – from the Airbus SPOT 6, SPOT 7 and Pléiades satellites – throughout the growing season. This will give FieldView customers the ability to monitor crop health and performance by satellite and take action in the field if yield threats are present. They will also be able to visualize this satellite imagery alongside other data layers in their FieldView account, including planting and yield data.


The large swath and coverage capabilities of the SPOT satellites enable mapping at a national level down to individual farmland parcels, while the Pléiades satellites can be used to pinpoint details in specific areas, thanks to its combination of sub-meter resolution and multispectral bands. The two satellite resolutions work together for a more complete picture of a field.


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