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Introducing connectivity between decision ag tools Climate FieldView and R7 Tool

Two fields apps are collaborating to offer farmers an easier experience in Canada. WinField United Canada and The Climate Corporation, a subsidiary of Bayer, are implementing a two-way, cross-navigation exchange between the R7 Tool, the WinField United decision-ag solution, and the Climate FieldView platform.

November 15, 2018  By WinField/Climate Corp.

The new enhancements allow ag retailers and farmers to capitalize on the combined strengths of each decision ag platform. With farmer consent, there will be seamless flow of as-applied data collected from the tractor in Climate FieldView to the R7 Tool used by local agronomists. By reducing data entry requirements and potential for error in the data entry, farmers will see improved efficiency, accuracy and value from both tools.

“For example, the field-applied information collected from Climate FieldView will automatically populate within the R7 Tool to make in-season decision tools functional and accurate. By automating this step, farmers can quickly begin to monitor crop development and input requirements for optimal yield potential,” said Greg McDonald, general manager, WinField United Canada.



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