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Farm Equipment Review – February 2008

Over the last year, dozens of new models and designs of farm machinery have been introduced by manufacturers. Many of you will have seen these introductions at farm shows and in various industry announcements – but, can you remember the details? This feature provides a reference for you.

February 16, 2008  By Industry news

Folds to front
With planting widths up to 60 feet and centre flexibility, the  high capacity central seed fill and delivery can carry up to 110 bushels of seed. Narrow transport width plus a choice of leading edge mechanical or vacuum seed metering systems are integrated into a new series of large scale row crop planters a


vailable from Kinze.

The new model 3700 SDS front folding planters offer productivity and manoeuverability. They are available in five sizes: 16 row 38 inch, 24 row 20 inch, 24 row 22 inch, 24 row 30 inch and 36 row 20 inch. The drawbar-attached 3700 SDS planters feature rugged two section toolbars, reinforced with overhead truss construction and ride-on heavy-duty axles with oversized tires.


A telescoping hitch with a hydraulic, parallel link, forward tongue section creates exceptional ground clearance. Transport width is just 14 feet. Optional three-fold, low profile row markers are offered for each planter size. Complete electric/hydraulic control of the row markers, standard point row clutches, folding/unfolding functions and SDS auger speeds are handled from a cab-mounted console. A user friendly KPM III electronic seed monitor displays a full menu of planting population, seed spacing, area and speed data, with up to 36 rows illustrated on-screen simultaneously.

Two centrally located polyethylene 55 bushel seed hoppers provide up to 110 bushels of on-board seed capacity. Removable (rolling hinge) lids and heavy built platform decks, with two moveable aluminum ladders, offer convenient access. Seed is fed on demand from the central hoppers on each half of the planter to individual seed meters via 31⁄2 inch diameter poly augers that are totally encased in steel tubes. Wire reinforced translucent drop hoses connect the auger tubes to mini-hoppers and seed meters mounted on each planter row unit.

The hydraulically driven auger system is powered by two hydraulic motors and controlled from a cab-mounted 12V DC console. The control console provides master shut-off and includes electronic tachometers and switches to monitor and control the variable auger speed (by section). The SDS system is adjusted by the operator to ensure constant supply of seed to all rows. Limit switches and proximity switches, with built-in 90 second delay, ensure the system turns off and on to meet seed demand.

The 3700 SDS is available with two down pressure configurations: quick adjustable down force springs or pneumatic down pressure with a digital down pressure indicator and 12V DC air compressor package with three gallon capacity air tank. Closing wheel options include rubber or cast iron ‘V’ designs, or a single press wheel with twin 8.0 inch covering discs. -30-

Kinze Manufacturing


ISO compliant electronics
Two new air-cart models have features designed to simplify operations, expand capacity and increase productivity. The Case IH Precision Air 2280 and Precision Air 2330 will come equipped with two large polyethylene rotational molded tanks and new ISO 11783 compliant electronic controls.

A two-tank model similar to the Case IH ADX3380 three-tank air-cart, the Precision Air 2280 will have a total capacity of 280 bushels. The Precision Air 2330 has a total capacity of 330 bushels and is similar to the current three-tank ADX3430. These are increases of 50 bushels and 100 bushels, respectively, over the previous models.

The ISO 11783 compliant electronics on the carts enable the operator to easily and cost efficiently use an existing Case IH display, like the AFS Pro 600 touch display currently in a tractor for air seeder operation. Using the AFS monitor also allows an interface with Case IH AFS AccuGuide and Precision Air System function using one in-cab display.

The Precision Air seeders’ premium display option, the AFS Pro 600, includes a graphic display with a menu driven setup and air-cart calibration. AFS Pro 600 display features ‘on the go’ bin level indicators; low bin level audible alarm; fan speed; ground speed; shaft revolutions per minute; application rate; air velocity; product/acres remaining; and accrued area, which includes individual tank, field, season and life time calculations. Any ISO 11783 compliant virtual terminal can be used to display the implement interface.

If an operator prefers traditional on/off toggle switch control, an optional Auxiliary Switch Unit can be mounted beneath the AFS 200 or AFS Pro 600 display. Mechanical or variable rate hydraulic meter drive systems also are available.

Both models come equipped with a high capacity load/unload auger and a fill rate of 55 bushels per minute. The frame is identical to the existing Case IH three-tank chassis, only shorter, with a twin-plenum design and two airflow control valves per meter box, one on the left and one on the right inboard side of the chassis. The frame doubles as a duct to carry airflow from the fan to meter boxes. -30-

Case IH


Makes the most of planting window

Combining a 60 foot planting width and a transport width less than 12 feet, the new Case IH Early Riser 1250 planter is designed to maximize productivity. The 24 row machines provide all the advantages of the Early Riser planter line and its Advanced Seed Meter (ASM) design. The row units feature narrow, 10.5 degree offset double-disc openers and inverted double-disc closing system. The narrow, double-disc openers penetrate the soil in tough residue and soil conditions. This narrower angle of attack also reduces sidewall smearing and compaction in the seed trench. In addition, Early Riser gauge wheels are pulled rather than pushed to provide more consistent movement over the roughest terrain. These gauge wheels have an industry exclusive ‘soil pocket’ to capture soil from the opening discs and hold it in position at the rim of the seed trench.

The ASM system simplifies seed size selection. With corn, for example, just one seed disc and one vacuum setting are recommended for all seed sizes and shapes. Vacuum tweaks and meter calibrations are now a thing of the past. The Early Riser 1250 offers exceptional land-following capability,
ensuring accurate depth control regardless of terrain. In addition, the industry’s largest bulk fill seed hoppers provide 120 bushel total capacity. Designed to maximize the planting window, larger hopper lid openings on a wide fill platform make seed filling quick and easy. -30-

Case IH


Feeder cups and choice of closing wheels

Medium-duty planting width, seed capacity and heavy-duty performance all come together in a new line of 10HD feeder cup grain drills from Great Plains. Available in 15, 20 and 25 foot widths, all three models feature a 2.4 bushel per foot seedbox for fewer stops and more productivity. According to Tom Evans, vice-president of sales at Great Plains, one of the keys to performance, however, is the rugged 10HD row unit, which combines precise seed placement with extreme versatility. Heavy-duty down pressure springs offer six different settings for down force pressures ranging from 250 to 500 pounds per row, plus 11 inches of vertical travel via a parallel linkage. It features 15 inch by 4.0 millimetre
thick planter blades for improved trash clearance and maximum strength and longevity. There is also an 18 position T-handle depth control that permits quick, precise setting of the opener depth.

Another feature is the cast blade separator that protects each planter seed tube and keeps the blades from pinching together when penetrating packed soil, ensuring that every seed reaches the bottom of the seed groove. At that point, seed and moisture are sealed in with a choice of closing wheels: 2.0 by 13 inch or 3.0 by 13 inch single centre rib; 1.0 by 12 inch double V, or 1-1⁄4 by 13-1⁄2 inch double wedge style. Customers can tailor the machine to their specific soil types and conditions.

Equipped with Great Plains’ simple, but field proven fluted feed metering system, all models offer row spacings of 6.0, 7-1⁄2 and 10 inches. However, a precision model is also available which offers singulation of a wide variety of seeds on each row. Available options to further customize these new models to individual needs include Keeton seed firmers, Seed-Loc wheels, unit-mounted coulters and row markers. -30-

Great Plains


Flexible frame delivers seeding accuracy

The Case IH ATX700 and ATX400 series air hoe drills maximize productivity by delivering accurate seed placement for fast, uniform germination and emergence regardless of terrain, says the company. Ranging from 27 feet to 70 feet in width, the ATX series drills offer a range of options for producers operating in a wide range of conditions, including a variety of trips, openers and press wheels in different configurations. There is an array of Stealth openers for single-shoot, double-shoot, side-band and paired row which allow growers to place seed and fertilizer.

Both also offer standard 350 pound trips, along with 550 pound trips, for rugged conditions and double-shoot applications. The ATX 700 is available in two operating widths: 60 feet and 70 feet. With the large tire option, the transport width of the 70 foot drill is 17ft8in and 13.5 inches high.
The foundation for the frame flexibility is the 12 by 12 inch steel tube mainframe. On this, the drill’s wings are built to flex and follow, maintaining precise depth for the openers, regardless of terrain. A patented paired two-piece wing allows the front paired ranks to follow the contour of the terrain at a depth set by the front caster wheel assemblies and the rear paired ranks to follow the terrain on which the press wheels run. Section sizes are a 10 foot centre and either 10 foot or 15 foot wings. Each wing is attached to a collective rock shaft with simple, parallel circuit hydraulics, allowing each wing/press wheel combination to follow the ground without adversely affecting neighbouring sections.

The ATX 700 offers shank spacings of 7.5, 10 and 12 inches on the 60 foot size and 10 or 12 inches on the 70 foot drill. Shanks are patterned in a ‘split row’ configuration for a smooth field finish. The ATX 700 also offers the choice of conventional C shank or vertical edge-on. Packing options include walking beam pneumatic or gang press wheels in semi-pneumatic or steel. Grower choices include a single-bar heavy harrow or disc leveller to customize soil-closing options.

The ATX 400 flexible frame follows field contours to maintain the seeding depth. The flexible frame joints dissipate frame stress for more durability. The key flex points are protected with high quality chrome pins, non-greasing polylube bushings, polyurethane pads and barrel bolts. Two hydraulic cylinders and single-point depth adjustment provide simple control of seeding depth across the entire machine.

A parallel linkage between the front casters and rear press wheels keeps the frame level and maintains seeding depth in changing conditions. Dual walking caster wheels provide optimum flotation, standard on the centre section of larger models, optional on wing sections. Residue flow is smooth thanks to the four-bar frame that provides ground clearance up to 32 inches. Paired with ample depth between shank rows, this allows for excellent residue flow. The ATX 400 is offered in a variety of working widths from 27 feet to 52 feet. The four-bar configuration is available in 7.2, 10 and 12 inch row spacings. -30-

Case IH


Constant opener depth

The new Morris Contour Drill features an independent contour opener with a parallel linkage for precise seed and fertilizer placement. Each opener moves independently of the frame and of each other to closely follow every contour of the land. The true parallelogram linkage maintains a constant opener angle relative to the soil and constant opener depth in relation to the packer wheel throughout its range of travel. This, combined with the compact opener ensures unsurpassed seed placement and durability.
The single shank design of the Contour Drill has lower draft requirements than most air hoe drills and disc drills resulting in lower horsepower requirements and fuel savings. This design also provides superior trash clearance as compared to other air hoe drills on the market, says the company.

The new Morris double-shoot opener is used to place fertilizer and seed in a paired row configuration. Seed is placed first, 3.8 centimeters (1-1⁄2 inches) to each side and the fertilizer is placed 2.0 centimeters (3⁄4 inch) below and down the middle. This unique design does not disturb or compromise the seedbed. To suit various field conditions, trip out force can be adjusted from 45.3 kilograms (100 pounds) to 226.8 kilograms (500 pounds), the packing force increases proportionally from 31.7 kilograms (70 pounds) to a maximum of 77.1 kilograms (170 pounds).

A double acting hydraulic cylinder raises and lowers the opener from working to transport position. Pressure is maintained on the opener cylinders through a passive hydraulic system that uses a unique hydraulic accumulator system. By adding or subtracting oil from the accumulator circuit through a tractor remote, pressure in the accumulator system can be raised or lowered, which provides a
corresponding increase or decrease in trip out force and packing pressure. This unique hydraulic accumulator system acts as a hydraulic spring for the trips and being a passive system, it reduces the demand on the tractor hydraulics. Once set, pressure can be adjusted from the tractor cab. For example, a user may want to reduce pressure when going through a rocky area of a field and then increase it back to the desired pressure. A convenient easy-to-read digital display is provided in the cab.

The Morris Contour Drill leaves an excellent field finish due to the combination of the single shank and the narrow double-shoot opener design. It is available in three frame configurations from 12.2 to 14.3 metres (40 to 47 feet) and a five frame configuration from 18 to 21.3 metres (59 to 70 feet). Opener spacing options are 25.4 centimeters (10 inches) or 30.5 centimeters (12 inches). -30-

Morris Industries

Save seed, record operations

Ag Leader Technology has introduced the SeedCommand feature to its popular Insight display. SeedCommand implements the popular AutoSwath feature on planters, allowing automatic turning individual planter sections on-and-off, saving on seed costs and making planting easier. SeedCommand also allows growers to map variety/hybrid locations and record split-planter operations for better record keeping and decision making.

The power of SeedCommand comes from the AutoSwath feature for planters which automatically controls the Tru Count planter clutches. The clutches control the seed meter drive from the planter transmission, enabling planter sections to be turned on-and-off automatically based on already planted areas designated not to plant, which helps reduce over-planting of seed on end rows, terraces and waterways. SeedCommand also saves time by eliminating the need to slow down to accurately lift and lower the planter on end rows. -30-

Ag Leader Technology


Large hoppers mean fewer fill-ups

Great Plains says capacity is only the beginning of its newest air-carts, the ADC2350 and ADC2350B models. Available in a pull-between (ADC2350) or pull-behind (ADC2350B) configuration, the 350 bushel carts can be used on the Great Plains CTA4000 min-till implement, CTA400HD conservation-till implement and NTA3010/3510 no-till implements and feature a semi-mounted cart-to-implement design. This allows the implement to float behind the air-cart and shortens the overall length of the air-drill by up to 15 feet for better manoeuverability. On the other hand, the pull-behind version, which rides on 30.5 x 32 and 21.5 x 16.1 lugged flotation tires, is used with the 4010HDA implement. This configuration offers unmatched flotation and excellent implement versatility.

The ADC2350 models are equipped with two 175 bushel poly hoppers that allow customers to fill both hoppers with seed for fewer stops when time is critical; or one hoper can be loaded with seed, while the other is filled with fertilizer to reduce field passes. Like the company’s 220 bushel air-cart, the ADC2350 also features Great Plains’ pressurized and compartmentalized meters which eliminate cross-feeding and increase planting consistency by pressurizing the seed tanks. This ensures equal amounts of seed to all towers and even seeding across the entire drill width, regardless of terrain.

Both models have an 8.0 inch fill auger that will both load and unload the hoppers. All functions are monitored by a Dickey-John IntelliAg system that features control of all variable rate and seed monitoring functions from the same screen. Since this is a CANbus system that meets ISO 11783 standards, customers can also use any compatible virtual terminal that is already in the tractor. -30-

Great Plains


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