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DuPont launches Barricade M herbicide

Feb. 9, 2016, Eastern Canada – DuPont Barricade M herbicide has been registered for control of a wide range of broadleaf weeds in winter wheat, spring wheat and barley. 

"Barricade M delivers consistently powerful performance on no fewer than 22 broadleaf weeds," said David Kloppenburg, row crop manager for DuPont Crop Protection, in a press release. "That includes hard-to-kill weeds like cleavers, chickweed, perennial sow thistle, wild buckwheat, hemp-nettle and dandelion, while also providing suppression of Canada thistle."

Barricade M is a multiple mode of action product containing four active ingredients from two herbicide groups (Groups 2 and 4). 

Barricade M is packaged in a 40-acre case that contains a dry herbicide in a 486-gram jug and two liquid herbicide jugs.  Barricade M is powered by Solumax soluble granules. It can be sprayed as early as the 3-leaf stage and as late as just before the flag leaf. It's also highly crop-safe and allows for flexible crop rotation the following year, according to the release.

February 9, 2016  By Top Crop Manager


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