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Corteva adds two herbicides for cereal growers in 2021

February 17, 2021  By Top Crop Manager

Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) has recently approved two herbicides produced by Corteva Agriscience. Prominex and Exhilarate will be available to cereal growers for the 2021 season.

Prominex herbicide with Arylex active is tailored for wheat and barley farmers who struggle to manage broadleaf weeds. This new tool delivers control of annuals and perennials, including Canada thistle, cleavers, dandelion, kochia, hemp-nettle, and wild buckwheat.  

As a dual mode-of-action herbicide, Exhilarate provides overlapping control on tough-to-kill weeds, including cleavers, hemp-nettle, and dandelion, while also helping to delay the onset of herbicide resistance.


“The introduction of Exhilarate [and Prominex] herbicides means Canadian cereal farmers will have another reliable tool to help them manage hard-to-control weeds at a time when herbicide resistance continues to be an increasing concern,” said Kelly Bennett, Western Canada herbicides category leader, Corteva Agriscience Canada.

 The all-in-one formulation of Prominex means it is among the few broadleaf herbicides that provide greater flexibility when choosing a tank-mix partner. The inclusion of Arylex active allows for an increased window of application, including early or late stage cropping, across a variety of variable climate conditions. 

Exhilarate herbicide brings together the Paradigm herbicide, combined with MCPA Ester to deliver a complete broadleaf solution for wheat and barley farmers. With the inclusion of Arylex active and its flexible application window, farmers can spray on their terms – small or large weeds, in early or late crop staging, and even in cool or dry conditions.


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