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May 2, 2013 - According to the 2011 Census of Agriculture, the number of farms and farmers in Canada is declining and the pressure to increase production to meet the ever-increasing demand of a growing population is immense. That is why continued management of every aspect of a farm is so important.

Heather Watson, the executive director of Farm Management Canada (FMC) says that while the world calls upon farmers for increased productivity, farmers face more problems than ever before – which is why the International Farm Management Congress (IFMC) is such a good idea.

"The Congress has brought the world of agriculture closer – creating a lasting, international network of experts we can call upon for insights into anything you can imagine including best management practices and best practices to increase the awareness and adoption of beneficial management practices," she said.

The FMC has therefore developed a new contest to help create a Canadian delegation to attend the IFMC in Poland this July. To enter the contest, contestants must create a one-minute or less YouTube video answering the question: How are Canadian farmers managing for success?

All application forms and video submissions must be submitted no later than May 24 and the names of the winners will be announced in June 2013. Instructions can be found here.

The selected winners will report from the Congress by being active on social media (including Twitter, blogs and more), as well as writing two articles on their experiences. They might also be asked to speak at industry events and help entice participation for when Canada hosts the IFMC in 2015.

"Winners will take part in the full Congress (a week-long event that includes keynote speakers, plenary sessions, farm tours, paper presentations, banquets, etc.) as well as the post-Tour which is a week-long adventure around Poland to see various agricultural practices and notable sights," adds Watson.

More information on the Congress is available at

May 2, 2013  By David Manly


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