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Western Grains Research Foundation launches Prairie Weeds website

May 29, 2024  By Prairie Weed Monitoring Network

With the Western Grains Research Foundation’s (WGRF) official launch of, farmers now have access to a comprehensive online platform designed to support the Prairie Weed Monitoring Network (PWMN) through the Integrated Crop Agronomy Cluster. The website is a resource that farmers, agronomists and researchers can use to manage weeds more effectively, anticipate new threats, and mitigate herbicide-resistant weeds.

“The launch of marks a significant milestone in the development of the PWMN,” says Dr. Charles Geddes, weed scientist and project leader with Julia Leeson at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC). “ will serve as the digital home of the PWMN, offering a wealth of resources and up-to-date information on weed abundance, herbicide resistance, and integrated weed management specific to the Canadian Prairies.”

A coordinated collaboration among federal, provincial, and academic weed science experts, PWMN is a pioneering initiative aimed at implementing an all-inclusive weed biovigilance strategy across the Canadian Prairies. “The PWMN will build on the existing and highly successful models of the Prairie Pest Monitoring Network, and Prairie Crop Disease Monitoring Network, and will formalize and coordinate weed awareness, detection/identification, and assessment activities for the Prairie region,” said a press release.


The Prairie Weed Monitoring Network (PWMN) is supported by funding from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada through the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership’s AgriScience Program – Clusters Component, WGRF, Alberta Grains, Alberta Canola, SaskCanola, Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission, Saskatchewan Pulse Growers, Manitoba Crop Alliance, Manitoba Pulse and Soybean Growers, Manitoba Canola Growers Association, and Prairie Oat Growers Association.

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