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Archive: Research updates on soybean cyst nematode

Join us April 10, 2018, at 3:00 p.m. Eastern for an interactive webinar dedicated to updates on soybean cyst nematode.

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Webinar Date:
April 10, 2018 at 3:00pm

During this free 60-minute session, Albert Tenuta, a plant pathologist with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) will discuss updates on soybean cyst nematode. Take look back at the 2017 growing season, and walk away with steps you can take to protect your fields in 2018.

Soybean cyst nematode (SCN) is a tiny plant parasite that causes big problems for Ontario soybean growers. SCN-resistant varieties are key to managing this yield-robbing pest. However, almost all the resistant varieties for Ontario rely on a single source of resistance genes. That increases the risk that new SCN variants will emerge that are able to defeat those resistance genes. Soybean growers in areas with a relatively long history of SCN, such as Missouri and Illinois, are starting to see significant SCN populations that can bypass PI 88788 resistance. Tenuta and Tom Welacky, who is with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada at Harrow, have been looking at this issue in Ontario.

This webinar has been approved for 1 CCA-CEU credit in Integrated Pest Management.


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