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WeatherBug and Bayer partner in Western Canada

Growers across the Canadian prairies will now have access to the WeatherBug local weather service, thanks to a new partnership with Bayer CropScience.

April 7, 2008  By WeatherBug SVP/Bayer CropScience

April 3, 2008 

Calgary, AB and Germantown, MD.—Bayer CropScience Inc., Canada signs on to support WeatherBug®, the world’s leading provider of local weather information, in greatly expanding the WeatherBug Canadian Network of weather-monitoring stations across Western Canada.
Bayer will work with their retailer and key customer partners across the Prairies to deploy a network of 600 weather stations on farms and businesses across western Canada within the next three years.

Linked through the Internet, the network will provide precise, up-to-the-second, local weather information that is extremely valuable for many aspects of farming; such as protecting yields or pinpointing crop management solutions.


"Access to accurate local weather information is vital to growers in managing their business effectively," explained Bayer CropScience, VP Sales & Marketing, Al Driver. "Bayer will work closely with our retailer and key customer partners across western Canada to install weather stations and to complete the grid."

Data collected from the network will be available through a new online Weather Command Center. Subscribers will have access to detailed data from any weather station and be able to plot precise, highly localized records of weather elements such as precipitation and winds, as part of this program. The data will also be incorporated into Fusarium and Sclerotinia risk models that will be displayed in the Command Center along with commodity prices and other valuable information for growers. Additional enhancements will be incorporated over time.

In August of 2007, WeatherBug announced the launch of its first major national network in Canada in partnership with the Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) and Pioneer Grain, a subsidiary of James Richardson International (JRI). Enabled by WeatherBug’s proprietary networking technology and operational capabilities, WeatherBug’s Canadian Network is expected to continue to grow to include more than 1,000 weather stations across all Canada.

"We are excited to partner with Bayer to provide detailed weather intelligence to their community of farmers and growers to help boost productivity and increase operational efficiencies," said WeatherBug, SVP Sales and Marketing, John Doherty. "Working together with farmers, schools, businesses and government agencies, we can transform the way weather information is gathered and disseminated in Canada so that all citizens can benefit from access to WeatherBug’s networking technology."


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