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Bayer launching Luxxur wheat herbicide for wild oats and perennials

Bayer has announced the launch of Luxxur, a new wheat herbicide for controlling tough weeds, including wild oats and perennials.

December 8, 2016  By Bayer

Luxxur is a high-performance weed management tool, offering farmers control of weeds such as wild oats and narrow-leaved hawk’s beard, and perennials including Canada thistle and dandelion.

Recent Luxxur trials demonstrated superior grass control compared to other Group 2 herbicides, with additional control on other problem weeds such as perennial sow thistle, Canada thistle, dandelion and scentless chamomile.

“In developing Luxxur, we set out to provide Canadian farmers with the only combined solution of grass and perennial control to take care of farmers toughest weeds, which is unique in this market,” said James Humphris, crop manage for cereals at Bayer, in a press release. “Flexible tank mixing also allows farmers to choose the right annual broadleaf partner to complete the spectrum of control.”


Luxxur is offered in a co-pack format of 40 acre jugs or 80 acre boxes and has very limited re-cropping restrictions, allowing for greater flexibility, particularly for pulse farmers.

For more information regarding Luxxur, farmers are encouraged to talk to their local retailers or visit


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