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Prairie insect pests of flax

June 30, 2020  By Top Crop Manager

In a continuation of their new crop-centric format, the Prairie Pest Monitoring Network (PPMN) recently discussed insect pests of flax. Canada has been the largest producer and exporter of flax since 1994, with the Prairies producing 483,000 metric tonnes of flax in 2019.

Common insect pests of flax include a variety of armyworm and cutworm species, flax bollworm, grasshoppers and potato aphids. Information is provided on monitoring, scouting and economic thresholds.

The new PPMN format also includes the “entomologist of the week” section, introducing readers to someone who works with or alongside the PPMN in insect pest management on the Prairies. This week’s entomologist is Boyd Mori, assistant professor in the faculty of agricultural, life and environmental sciences at the University of Alberta.


To read the full post, and for other PPMN posts for the 2020 growing season, visit the PPMN pest of the week blogspot.


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