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Inputs: The Podcast
An appetite for information on agriculture in Canada

December 20, 2023
By Top Crop Manager


Agriculture can be a contentious topic when speaking with the general public, as there is a lot of misinformation or confusion about the industry out there. But educating the public, whether on social media, at the coffee shop, or on a broader scale can be difficult when the industry is so diverse and resources aren’t always easily accessible. Enter The Real Dirt on Farming, a magazine on agriculture in Canada that addresses many of the hot button issues and puts faces to the people who feed the country.

Kelly Daynard, executive director of Farm and Food Care Ontario (the organization that puts out The Real Dirt on Farming), talks about the latest edition, the purpose of the project, and some of the stories she’s heard from farmers who’ve been working to share the importance of agriculture with those around them.

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