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Weed management for soybean growers in Manitoba and Saskatchewan

January 23, 2024
By Top Crop Manager


Peter Sikkema has been researching the importance of weed management on soybean crops for more than three decades now. A professor of weed management for field crops at the University of Guelph, much of Sikkema’s work has been conducted in Ontario, but there are key takeaways from his research for soybean growers in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

During this episode of Inputs, Sikkema, along with FMC Canada’s technical sales manager for the Eastern Prairies region, Rachel Evans, talk about several issues facing soybean growers when it comes implementing a quality weed management strategy. Sikkema and Evans discuss the impact of weed interference, factors that influence yield loss due to weed interference, how farmers can minimize losses, as well as other findings from Sikkema’s research and related work done in Manitoba.

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