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Ontario’s top canola yield-producers recognized

January 25, 2021  By Top Crop Manager

The winners of the 2020 Ontario Canola Growers Association’s Yield Challenge have been announced, with the Toll family of Blenheim taking top honours.

The Yield Challenge is put on annually by the Ontario Canola Growers Association (OCGA). Farmers who enter the Yield Challenge must:

  • work with a supporting agronomist who can verify their yield;
  • grow a minimum of 10 acres of canola;
  • record the best acre’s yield from their field with a weigh wagon; and
  • be willing to share their canola production practices related to high yields.

These production practices and tips are shared through recorded video interviews, shared on the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) Field Crop News website. The interviews are led by Megan Moran, canola and edible bean specialist with OMAFRA, and Jennifer Doelman, director of the OCGA’s newly created District Three. They feature the producers with the four highest yields from 2020.


Winter canola took the top three spots in 2020. While this is less than the top six spots winter canola took in 2019, this is probably indicative of the differences in weather and soil conditions at planting for the two years.

Entrant Agronomist Yield (lb./acre) Variety Location (ON)
1st Ian, Nicholas and Benjamin Toll Cory Cowan, AGRIS Co-operative 5,743 Mercedes (winter canola) Blenheim
2nd Nathan Van Overloop Mike Veenema, AGRIS Co-operative 4,429 Popular (winter canola) Chatham
3rd Robert and Dallas Hunter Doug West, County Farm Centre 3,770 Mercedes (winter canola) Wellington
4th Dave Schill Tanja Checkley, Harriston Agromart 3,665 InVigor L345 PC (spring canola) Earlton
5th J.R. McLaughlin Matt Rundle, Harriston Agromart 3,382 L255 PC (spring canola) Harriston
6th Wayne Brubacher Ben Schapelhoumen, TECC Agriculture 3,108 InVigor L345 PC (spring canola) New Liskeard




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