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New yield correlated soil health test available

The research agronomy team from A&L Canada Laboratories based in London, Ont. developed and launched VitTellus Soil Health, a yield-correlated soil health test. The test and recommendation package aims to help farmers and crop consultants make more informed decisions on the application of nutrients and soil management.

September 18, 2018  By Top Crop Manager

A&L conducted eight years of trials and research focused on identifying and understanding the soil microbiological-plant relationship and how it influences crop productivity. The soil health parameters have been confirmed and demonstrated to have over 90 per cent correlation to crop yields, according to a release by A&L. In other words, VitTellus predicted yields as compared to actual yields with a correlation over 90 per cent. The diagnosis from the test will allow growers to spot weakness in their soil management and respond accordingly, with the potential to improve yield.

The VitTellussm soil health components include: a health report and index, Solvita CO2 test results, standard soil fertility test results, and crop recommendations, as well as online access to reports and customer support.

The VitTellus Soil Health test is available worldwide and can be accessed through the VitTellus website. A premium package is listed at $75 per sample on the website.


A&L distinguishes this test from other tests by stating that “A standard soil test measures the chemical profile of a given soil. VitTellus assesses this traditional aspect, but also the physical and biological balance of the soil resulting in an indexed score and recommendations specific to this test.”

The test uses an index from 0 to 60, rating how well plant and nutrient levels support microbiological levels. This microbiological levels affect nutrient utilization and crop yields.


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