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New soil microbial health test available from A&L Canada

July 14, 2020  By Top Crop Manager

Last week, A&L Canada Laboratories Inc. announced the launch of Vitellus Bio, a new soil health test for the agriculture industry that quantifies soil microbial populations, which support improved soil health and greater crop productivity.

VitTellus Bio complements the VitTellus Soil Health test, a diagnostic used to make more informed decisions for nutrient application, and management and improvement of soil health. Traditional soil tests measure the chemical properties of soil, but VitTellus’ combined tests look at soil as a living, dynamic ecosystem that requires a more holistic approach to determining optimal and sustainable management practices.

The VitTellus Bio Soil Health package is an analytical package providing the soil health test plus the new Bio microbial test, which quantifies the levels of functional soil microbes associated with improved soil health and crop yield. VitTellus Bio utilizes selective carbon sources to measure the concentration of specific functional microbial groups within a soil sample that research has shown to be beneficial (i.e. nitrogen fixation). Optimal ranges of these functional microbes are provided and – along with the soil chemistry metrics – will allow you to implement farm management strategies to increase favourable soil microbe populations.


“This analysis allows clients to understand their current soil microbial populations and take concrete actions to cultivate microbes, which support healthier soils, stronger plants and greater returns for the farmer and society,” says Greg Patterson, CCA, founder and CEO of A&L.

“A deeper understanding of the factors impacting on the biotic components of ecosystem stability is key for the sustainability and productivity of agriculture,” says Nevin McDougall, president and CCO of A&L Canada.

For more information, visit the A&L Canada website.


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