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New phosphorus-based fertilizer for early-season crop needs

Oct. 7, 2014 - Compass Minerals has launched Nu-Trax P+, a phosphorus-based fertilizer that delivers early-season nutrition to farmers' crops. Nu-Trax P+ is available to Canadian and U.S. farmers starting in fall 2014 for the 2015 growing season.

According to a news release, the makers of Wolf Trax DDP Nutrients designed Nu-Trax P+ with the CropStart Nutrient Package, a scientifically derived blend of phosphorus (25%), zinc (20%), manganese (5%) and nitrogen (4%) for optimal early growth.

"Nutrients like phosphorus and zinc are essential for early-season growth but are unfortunately relatively immobile in the soil. They do not move to the seedling," explains Mark Goodwin, director of research and product development for Compass Minerals. "That's why it's so hard for a young plant to find and take up these important nutrients. Nu-Trax P+ helps overcome these challenges, giving young plants access to the nutrients they need early in the growing season."

Featuring patented EvenCoat Technology, Nu-Trax P+ is coated onto dry fertilizer by a fertilizer blender. Coating onto every fertilizer granule allows for blanket-like distribution of the important nutrients in Nu-Trax P+ across an entire field. This application method increases the number of feeding sites near young plant roots and helps crops overcome early-season nutrition challenges.



October 7, 2014  By Top Crop Manager


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