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New fall-application registration for extended-control herbicides

February 15, 2023  By Top Crop Manager

FMC’s Authority 480 herbicide, Authority Supreme herbicide and PrecisionPac SZ-75 herbicide are now registered for fall application.

“FMC is constantly working to improve labels to offer farmers different application opportunities,” says Jordan Brisebois, FMC product manager, extended weed control and grower programming. “This fall, registration provides the opportunity for growers to spread out their workload between the fall and spring. Additionally, applying these products in the fall creates the environment for consistent, high-performing weed control.”

Authority brand herbicides and PrecisionPac SZ-75 herbicide create a powerful, soil-based defence. When applied in the fall, each of these herbicides remain inactivated on the soil surface through the winter. The herbicides are then activated with snow melt in the spring, creating a soil barrier to weed emergence.


“Keeping fields clean during the critical weed-free period is essential to crop establishment,” says Brisebois. “Now growers have the flexibility to apply these products when it fits their farm schedule and agronomic needs. These three extended weed control products control germinating weeds, which significantly reduces competition for water and nutrients.”


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