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New feed barley seed available

May 2, 2024  By Mastin Seeds press release

After being granted registration in 2022, AB Standswell barley is readily available to farmers, for the 2024 season. Mastin Seeds has secured the marketing rights to the six-row variety, developed by the Field Crop Development Centre, now headquartered at Olds College.

“It’s a bushy semi-dwarf, good for both grain and forage,” explains Bob Mastin, who farms and sells seed at Sundre, Alta., in a press release, noting the variety has a plumper seed and smooth awn, which makes it ideal for swath grazing, greenfeed, or silage.

With the recent drought years on the prairies, Mastin says the water use efficiency of Standswell will be attractive, but he’s also excited about its nitrogen use efficiency. On average, Mastin says Standswell uses nine per cent less nitrogen than the average barley, making this a good opportunity for feed barley varieties for both cattle and grain producers.


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