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New features on GBU10 grain bag unloader

June 24, 2013 - Loftness has introduced a new GrainLogix GBU10 grain bag unloader. Featuring an improved drive system, the unit is designed for fast, reliable removal of grain from 10-foot-diameter grain bags.

The GBU10 includes a 10-inch-diameter cross auger with a reconfigured drive to ensure various crops are evenly unloaded from the bag. The cross auger transfers grain to the 17-inch discharge auger, which then delivers it to a trailer or grain cart. The unit transfers grain at rates up to 8,500 bushels per hour, helping it to fill a 1,000-bushel trailer in about seven minutes.

The GBU10 also features a new hydraulically driven gearbox drive, which reduces the number of gear-reduction sprockets previously used. The unit offers convenient ground-level controls with a valve system that can be easily converted from open center to closed center hydraulics.

The bag roller contains new style welded teeth to ensure the bag is held securely, and the ends are capped to prevent the bag from overrunning the roller. Additionally, the unit contains an adjustable knife to cut the bag at the ideal angle. When a bag is fully unloaded, the operator can quickly disengage the roller drive without using tools to unroll the bag.

To transport the machine, the discharge auger can be folded via hydraulic controls. The auger drive is constructed to ensure the shafts always re-engage properly. The auger also features a hydraulically controlled adjustable spout for directing grain flow into the trailer hopper.

The GBU10 requires a tractor with a 540-RPM, 50-horsepower PTO and a 6-gpm, 2,000-psi hydraulic system. An optional dual wheel kit for increasing flotation in soft terrain is available.

June 24, 2013  By Loftness

The unit is designed for fast


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