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Loftness adds new features

Apr. 23, 2013, Hector, Minn. - Responding to customer requests, Loftness has added more features to its GrainLogix GBL10 grain bag loader. These include a larger primary auger with hopper improvements, enhanced tunnel profile and a new option for easier bag handling.

With its 20-inch primary auger, the GBL10 is capable of filling 10-foot-diameter grain bags at a rate of 30,000 bushels per hour. The oversized, top-loading hopper creates an easy target for combines and grain carts, and the tunnel design eliminates bag slack, while distributing grain evenly throughout the bag. For easy machine access, a removable ladder can be mounted on the left or right side of the unit. A second ladder option is also available.

To load grain from a semi trailer, Loftness' swing-away truck-unloading auger can be added. The truck-unloading auger is designed to perfectly match the GBL10, resulting in maximum performance and reliability. It offers a transfer rate of 11,600 bushels per hour.

Additionally, the GBL10 now comes standard with a wireless remote to control bag positioning, allowing the operator to move around the machine and supervise the entire process. Once the bag is loaded, it is kept securely in place by the adjustable tensioning cord, ropes and bag pan. For further convenience, Loftness offers a new optional bag loading tarp with remotes for easier placement of the bag in the lower pan. Other options include a transport kit, light kit and roll tarp by Agri-Cover or Shur-co.

During operation, the disc brakes and SureGrip deep-treaded tires help maintain optimum control for filling the bag. Plus, machine height can be raised or lowered via a hydraulically adjustable axle.

Introduced to the market in 2008, the GBL10 has been rigorously field-proven and continuously refined to maximize durability and meet the demands of grain-bagging operations. Additionally, industry-standard, off-the-shelf parts have been used throughout the unit's design, allowing many operators to conduct their own repairs in the field.

The unit features a heavy-duty chain drive and extra long drive shaft to minimize the PTO angle. It requires a tractor hydraulic system with a minimum rating of 6 gpm and 2,000 psi. It also requires 50 PTO horsepower and 540 RPM.


April 23, 2013  By Loftness

Loftness has introduced new features to its GrainLogix GBL10 grain bag loader. Loftness has added features to its GrainLogix GBL10 grain bag loader.


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