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New decision-making tool geared toward grain producers

February 22, 2023  By Top Crop Manager

GrainFox has officially launched a key decision-making tool called Smart Advisor for Canadian farmers selling grain. Through a combination of machine learning and AI, input from analytical teams, current and historical market data, regional aggregate data and insights from a network of customer success managers, GrainFox delivers customized, up-to-date crop sales recommendations to producers.

“GrainFox’s ability to deliver personalized farm wealth solutions around the clock to producers through Smart Advisor is going to be a game-changer for the agricultural industry,” says Mark Lepp, founder and CEO of GrainFox.

Smart Advisor provides sales recommendations based on how the sale of each crop in a farmer’s portfolio interacts with one another. It synthesizes historical and current market data, along with producers’ cash flow goals, storage constraints and risk tolerance to deliver comprehensive, unbiased, personalized sales recommendations.

“In these times of heightened volatility and uncertainty in the markets, personalization has never been more important to a producer’s sales strategy,” said Lepp.


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