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MF introduces new mid-range tractors

July 25, 2013 - Massey Ferguson is introducing a new line of mid-range tractors, the 6600 Series, with standard features such as a spacious cab and four-wheel drive; and optional upgrades like a front three-point hitch and advanced hydraulic systems.

The 6600 Series tractors are powered by 4.9-liter, four-cylinder engines from AGCO Power, ranging from 100 to 125 PTO horsepower. The engines offer an intercooled turbo-charger, electronic engine management, four valves per cylinder and high-pressure common-rail fuel injection, and feature AGCO's e3 clean-air technology with second-generation selective catalytic reduction (SCR) to ensure the 4.9 L engine meets strict Tier 4-interim emission standards.

The 6600 Series offers three transmission options:
- Dyna-4 offers four gears and four ranges for a total of 16 forward and 16 reverse speeds. Operators can shift through all gears and ranges on the roll, electronically with the push or pull of a hand lever. The left-hand three-function power control lever allows the operator to change direction, upshift and downshift, and clutch with just fingertip movement.
- Dyna-6 provides additional working speeds, with 24 forward and 24 reverse speeds, each available without using the clutch pedal. The Dyna-VT continuously variable transmission provides an infinite number of operating speeds, also without the use of a clutch, as Dynamic Tractor Management minimizes RPM and optimizes fuel consumption.
- Dyna-VT has fewer parts than comparable power-shift transmissions to prevent internal parasitic loss and ensure longer component life for reduced downtime and maintenance costs.

Three available hydraulic systems offer farmers a choice when it comes to remote valve controls and flow rates. The standard system has isolated twin gear pumps operated with levers in the side console. A 15 gallon-per-minute (GPM) auxiliary pump is dedicated to the loader and implements, while an 11 GPM pump is dedicated to the three-point hitch. The Twin Flow system offers growers the ability to combine the hydraulic flow of both pumps with the press of a button, pushing 26 GPM to the up-to-four mechanical remote valves.

The highest-performing system delivers up to 29 GPM to implements and remote valves driven by a variable displacement piston pump that delivers oil flow only when needed for quick response, reduced horsepower demand and higher efficiency. This system can be controlled using fingertip remote valve controls in the armrest and right-hand console or an optional electronic joystick.

Addition 6600 Series features include a large cab and the choice between rigid cab mounts, spring-over shock mounts or hydraulic cab suspension; a six-post design with an optional Visio cab roof, which allows operators to view a fully raised bucket without having to lean forward; and engineered convenience and functionality in the control layouts, with a new dot matrix display on the dash and an optional armrest console with integrated transmission, hydraulic and loader controls.

July 25, 2013  By Massey Ferguson

Massey Ferguson introduces new mid-range tractor line.


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