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LEMKEN looks for farmer feedback on Air Tine Drill

June 26, 2023  By Top Crop Manager

LEMKEN Canada is looking for feedback from farmers on the South African Equalizer Air Tine Drill, as the company aims to debut the technology to the Canadian market.

LEMKEN Canada will have an Equalizer Air Tine Drill on display during Ag in Motion this July in Saskatchewan. The German agriculture equipment company hopes western Canadian farmers will take a close look at the machine and share their opinion with the LEMKEN technical team.

LEMKEN recently acquired Equalizer, a South African company that designs and manufactures no-till and min-till seeding equipment. Equalizer Planters, Air Disc Drills, Air Tine Drills and Air Carts are manufactured in South Africa and are predominantly sold in South Africa and Australia.


The company believes the Equalizer Air Tine Drill offers new, yet similar technology compared to the present air hoe drills used on the Prairies.

“We want western Canadian farmers to take a close, critical look at this new seeding technology,” says Mathieu Vallières, managing director of LEMKEN Canada. “Our engineers and technical team have been spending long days inspecting and assessing the Air Tine Drill and now we really want to hear what western Canadian farmers think about it. Equalizer has been making planters and seeders for over 20 years and we know how well the Equalizer Air Tine Drill works in South Africa and Australia, but we won’t sell it in Canada until we are confident it can improve seeding, reduce farmer’s stress at a busy time and make farmers more money.”

LEMKEN Canada is also seeking farmers with small pieces of land that the LEMKEN team can operate the Air Tine Drill on to closely examine how it works in different western Canadian soil types this summer. Equalizer and LEMKEN engineers will use that information to determine which Air Tine Drill models and air carts to bring to Canada and how it should adjust its ongoing design and development strategy.


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