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Bacterial leaf streak found in Alberta

June 27, 2023  By Top Crop Manager

Bacterial leaf streak has been spotted in southern and central Alberta, which can be found on cereals like wheat, barley and oats.

The Alberta Wheat and Barley Commissions advise growers to add this bacterial disease to their disease scouting list. It is especially important to scout for bacterial leaf streak after severe weather events, such as thunderstorms or rain. Farmers should look for water-soaked lesions, bacterial ooze and necrosis on the leaves. Under favourable conditions, early symptoms (water-soaked lesions) appear as early as three to four days after infection occurs. Necrotic lesions usually appear seven to 10 days after infection.

Farmers are urged to carry a copy of the most updated bacterial leaf streak factsheet while scouting. If suspicious plants are spotted, the commissions ask to send a sample to one of the designated labs indicated on the factsheet, and to report the finding to the Prairie Crop Disease Monitoring Network.

Visit here to view the bacterial leaf streak factsheet.


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