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INTRODUCTION: Outside the box

In the world of agriculture,

November 19, 2007  By Peter Darbishire

In the world of agriculture, the arrival of April usually heralds the return
of spring and thoughts turn to readying equipment for that rush to the field
when weather and field conditions permit.

Mid way through the winter a reader asked "why can't we tank-mix with
multi-purpose components in the spray tank: fungicides and herbicides in one
pass?" Good question! It's one that evokes plenty of opinion for and against,
or at least with a degree of caution. While western field editor Bruce Barker
tackled this topic and provides some advice in this issue, the idea nudges us
into thinking similarly about other possibilities. That's the power of lateral
thinking, or 'thinking outside the box'. There is nothing wrong with pushing
the limits with ideas, but it is another to risk the value or effectiveness
of inputs, even an entire crop, without seeking the advice of experts.

So, once again, we are reminded that few things in life remain constant.


As we do with all our issues, this edition of Top Crop Manager reflects
the ever-changing landscape and technology advancements evident across the industry.
We offer glimpses of new herbicides and fungicides, as well as dozens of other
ideas to extend your thinking. Many of the stories in this issue reflect the
concept of change in our lives.

It is not to say that change is always for the better, nor is it always simple:
it is just something we either endure or enjoy. That much never seems to change.
Peter Darbishire, publisher and editor


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