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INTRODUCTION: The rush of change

The arrival of March usually heralds the return of spring

November 14, 2007  By Ralph Pearce

In the world of agriculture, the arrival of March usually heralds the return
of spring, and thoughts turn to readying equipment for that rush to the field
when weather and field conditions permit.

For 2007, however, there is a 'new' light shining. And no, it is not the rise
of commodity prices as we have been hearing for the past three months. It is
the advance of Daylight Savings Time, occurring earlier than ever before. This
year, the leap forward takes place on March 11, a full three weeks ahead of
past years' calendars.

What does this mean?


Aside from the contrast of losing one hour of sleep, while being able to do
more in the light of day, it is another example that few things in life remain

As we do with all our issues, this edition of Top Crop Manager reflects
the ever-changing landscape and technology advancements evident across the industry.
As well as including the annual Top Crop Manager Weed Control Guide,
we offer glimpses of new herbicides, different marketing options for food grade
soybeans and alternatives for the generation of energy. Many of the stories
in this issue reflect the concept of change in our lives.

It is not to say that change is always for the better, nor is it always simple:
it is just something we either endure or enjoy. That much never seems to change.
Ralph Pearce
Field editor


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