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Influential Women in Canadian Agriculture shines a spotlight on women in ag

March 12, 2020  By Top Crop Manager

Women have been involved in Canadian agriculture for centuries and their roles are continually changing. From active farming and farm ownership, to providing animal health and nutrition services, to leading sales, agronomy, research and marketing teams – the work women do is important and can’t be overlooked. That’s why the agricultural publications at Annex Business Media have teamed up to shine a spotlight on some of the strongest female leaders in the ag world through the Influential Women in Canadian Agriculture (IWCA) program.

“We created Influential Women in Canadian Agriculture as a recognition program to help identify and promote the prominent women across Canada’s diverse agricultural landscape,” says Stefanie Croley, Editorial Director, Agriculture, at Annex Business Media. “Our goal is to spotlight six influential and innovative women, sharing their stories, achievements, challenges and wisdom with the industry through our agricultural brands: Top Crop Manager, Potatoes in Canada, Canadian Poultry, Manure Manager and Fruit & Vegetable.”

Croley says the IWCA program came to fruition as the team behind it recognized how much a woman’s role in agriculture has evolved over the years.


“Canadian women traditionally held behind-the-scenes roles on the farm, and while just as important, a woman’s ‘role’ in ag is so much more than that,” she says. “This program intends to recognize the leaders who are transforming the future of Canadian agriculture. By sharing their stories, we hope to inspire the next generation of women entering the ag sector, showing how important and diverse a woman’s work in agriculture really is.”

Nominations for the program are being accepted until March 27 and the six honourees will be featured through a podcast series this summer.

Visit to submit a nomination.


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