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High Clearance Sprayers

May 1, 2009  By Ralph Pearce


Crop production has become more complex in the past decade. Growers now have a greater number of options when it comes to producing crops that are suited to the agronomic and climatic conditions in Western Canada . And there are more herbicides, pesticides and fungicides with which to protect those crops.

The combined value of seed and crop protection agents is at an all-time high, and the margins they create are just as vital. The revenues mean more, so the delivery methods for their protection are equally important.

Such is the message behind Top Crop Manager’s latest in our series of Machinery Manager features. This one is geared to High Clearance Sprayers and provides a breakdown of charts and specifications for a wide variety of models and designs.


In addition to these value-added tables, we have complemented the section with stories that reflect the importance of high clearance sprayers, and the role they play in successfully-managed farm operations.

As always, we at Top Crop Manager advise growers to consult with the equipment manufacturers, dealers and other agronomy professionals, for more information

Ralph Pearce
Top Crop Manager


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