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Over the last year, dozens of new models and designs of farm machinery have been introduced by manufacturers

November 12, 2007  By Peter Darbishire

Over the last year, dozens of new models and designs
of farm machinery have been introduced by manufacturers. Many of you will have
seen these introductions at farm shows and in various industry announcements
– but, can you remember the details? This feature provides a reference
for you.
Peter Darbishire, Editor

While Top Crop Manager editors make every effort
to be objective when reporting on new products, they cannot be held responsible
for claims made by companies. Readers are encouraged to contact the companies
for more details.

27aBoom control for high clearance sprayers
field testing his high clearance sprayer boom control on more than 140,000 acres,
Monty Shivak is ready to take it to the marketplace! Shivak now has a product
called Auto Boom which keeps the suspended high clearance boom at a constant
ground distance no matter what the speed. The Auto Boom accuracy centres around
the wheel attached to each boom. A pressure control device maintains a selected
oil pressure in the lift cylinder which takes 99.9 percent of the pressure off
the tire. As the tire approaches a hill and the slope puts more pressure on
the tire, a separate hydraulic system adds oil to the cylinder giving constant
tire pressure. As the tire falls away from the hill, the system dumps the oil
into the tank, bringing the boom down gently.


"Every farmer and custom sprayer using a high clearance sprayer knows
how difficult it is to keep the booms at a consistent height. Auto Boom makes
sure the chemical is placed where you want it for maximum efficiency,"
says Shivak. "When you have constant height-to-ground control, you can
get even more chemical placement accuracy using smaller spraying tips which
require less water. You can spray longer in higher wind speeds. Less water,
less hauling, less filling time all add up to more time to get the job done
when you need it."
Montgomery Industries

27bBoom height return is automatic
John Deere has introduced the new 4720 self-propelled sprayer that brings more
productivity and value to growers and commercial operators which features a
6.8 litre John Deere PowerTech Tier II engine with 225 horsepower. This compares
to 200 horsepower on previous models. The wheel motors are also larger to provide
increased low-end torque for working in tough conditions.

Other features include the CommandView cab that provides a spacious, quiet
work environment with great visibility. The ComfortCommand air-suspension seat
adjusts to provide maximum comfort for long days in the field. Speed range and
throttle controls are now located on the hydro handle and CommandARM for convenience
and easy operation.

A significant feature on the 4720 sprayer is the Index Boom Section (IBS),
which allows operators to better manage waterways, point rows and uneven headlands.
The 80 or 90 foot boom sections consist of five individual spray sections. When
the sprayer approaches a waterway running at an angle (not perpendicular) to
the sprayer, controls on the hydro handle can quickly be pressed to shut off
the individual boom sections to match the angle of the waterway.

During spraying, an optional boom 'return to height' feature allows the operator
to preset the boom spray height. After avoiding field obstacles or turning on
the end row, the boom can be set to automatically return to the same spray height
at the start of each path.

AutoTrac is now a factory installed option on the 4720 sprayers. This fully
integrated satellite guidance system has already been used successfully on tractors
and will help operators gain even more spray efficiency by reducing spray overlap.
Operator fatigue will also be reduced as AutoTrac helps to guide the sprayer
through the field.
John Deere

27cTrouble-free operation for wet and dry boom
new TeeJet QJ350 series, manufactured by Spraying Systems, features a compact
design that fits inside the boom to minimize interference from the boom structure
and protects the nozzle from damage. The easy-to-mount nozzle body assemblies
provide the use of a positive indexing button ensuring the nozzle remains firmly
in place.

The QJ350 series is ideal for use with dry or wet booms and is available in
three or five Quick TeeJet connection spray outlets. Shut off between each position,
automatic spray pattern alignment and easy change of spray tips are key features
of the series. The design also includes a two-piece ChemSaver diaphragm check
valve for drip-free shut off with improved performance. Maximum pressure is
rated at 300psi (20 bar) with a 1.8gpm (6.8L/min) flow rate with a pressure
drop of 5psi (0.35 bar).

QJ350 series for dry boom structures is available to fit 1/2in, 3/4in and one
inch hose I.D. QJ350 series for wet boom structures is available to clamp on
to 20mm tubing or 1/2in, 3/4in and one inch pipe.
Spraying Systems

27dDesign enhanced, custom cab
Equipment Technologies, manufacturer of the Apache line of sprayers, has introduced
the 2005 model line with its better creature comforts and performance enhancements.
The Apache has a new custom cab that maximizes visibility and comfort. Cab highlights
include wrap-around glass for excellent views in all directions, fatigue-reducing
ergonomic controls and added features that increase operator satisfaction and

In addition to the new cab, the 2005 Apache sprayer also features new engineering
that optimizes sprayer performance. Design updates include enhancements to the
hydraulic, fuel, cooling, intake and exhaust systems. The proven-reliable E.T.
mechanical drive system, the heart of every Apache sprayer, offers trouble-free
operation, simplicity and dependability.

The 2005 Apache sprayer is available with several tank sizes ranging from 500
to 1200 gallons and is well suited for a wide variety of applications.
Equipment Technologies



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