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INTRODUCTION: The reading season

As harvest winds up in most regions...

November 14, 2007  By Peter Darbishire

As harvest winds up in most regions, the next season's plans are underway,
with seed choices and fall soil testing, it is time to begin the consultation
process. Meetings with crop advisors, financial advisors and fellow growers
will be on the agenda to reflect on the last year and project for the next.

We begin the 'reading season' with the seed focus edition of Top Crop Manager
and it includes stories on this topic and others. Field editor, Ralph Pearce
brings readers wise words from advisors in various capacities, using some familiar
phrases that are becoming common, like 'the importance of scouting', and some
less familiar ones, like 'imbibition': read on for in-depth coverage!

You can look forward to receiving three more issues of Top Crop Manager
in January, February and March 2006. While all issues will provide stories on
various aspects of field crop production, individual issues will have special
features or a focus on a specific topic: the January issue will include a focus
on soybeans; and the February issue will focus on corn. In March you will receive
the Season Ready issue which includes the annual weed control guide.
Peter Darbishire, Editor




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