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Experience a faster, smoother, smarter harvest with DEKALB canola and FieldView

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October 13, 2022  Sponsored by DEKALB

Choosing the right canola seed is the first step to success – with DEKALB® canola, you can choose from a variety of hybrids that feature high yield potential, advanced disease protection, early maturity and multiple straight cut options with quicker dry-down time and improved harvestability. Integrating digital tools, such as FieldView™, into your field management program can help maximize the yield potential of your canola crop.

Choosing the right canola hybrid can maximize your yield potential

Primary concerns for canola farmers can include yield potential, pod integrity, controlling pests, and disease management. The DEKALB canola lineup continues to introduce new options with innovative trait technology to ensure that farmers have the best opportunity to maximize their yield potential with the seeds they choose.

New for 2023, DEKALB introduces three new TruFlex™ canola hybrids. The newest hybrids continue to provide the enhanced weed control and flexibility in spray rates and timing that TruFlex canola is known for. With the integration of Straight Cut or Straight Cut Plus genetics and traits, alongside clubroot resistance and other advanced genetics, there is a DEKALB hybrid to suit your individual operation. Plus, all DEKALB canola seed comes treated with BUTEO™ start seed treatment as part of its standard seed treatment package.

What Straight Cut and Straight Cut Plus hybrids mean for your harvest

DEKALB straight cut canola hybrids offer excellent harvestability and the harvest flexibility to straight cut or delay swath, all while reducing loss and risk. Improved pod integrity combined with early maturity and quicker drydown allows for an earlier, faster and smoother canola harvest. Straight Cut Plus hybrids build on the trusted genetics of straight cut canola along with an additional trait delivering improved pod integrity for enhanced pod shatter protection.

The Straight Cut and Straight Cut Plus labeling on DEKALB canola offers clear identification on straight cut options and an understanding on the value of pod integrity to the needs of farmers, giving you the flexibility to choose the right harvest management style for your farm.

Support your in-field decisions with FieldView

Integrating digital tools into your farming operation can help support crop decisions in-season as well as provide a comprehensive post-harvest analysis to ensure you are making the right choices for the next year.

Example of a FieldView yield map, demonstrating yield results in a canola field. Your results may vary by agronomic, environmental, and pest pressure variables.

Derek Kentel, a farmer based in Eastern Saskatchewan, integrated FieldViewTM into his operation in 2016.  “Up to this point, I’ve kept my seeding, spraying and harvest practices the same, but I now have the accuracy of knowing where each variety is seeded, when it was seeded and what it was treated with at-a-glance.

“This winter, I’ll be able to closely review how each DEKALB canola hybrid performed in our fields in 2022. Based on our final canola yield, combined with the yield potential that considers the results from our prescription mapping with BUTEO® start, I’ll be able to determine a plan for 2023 and find the newest DEKALB hybrids to seed for success with the help of FieldView.”

Farmers are encouraged to talk to their local retail or Bayer representative to learn more about choosing the right DEKALB canola hybrid for their operation or visit


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*Your results may vary according to agronomic, environmental and pest pressure variables.


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