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China approves Enlist corn for import

Weed control challenges have grown steadily worse since the first glyphosate-resistant weeds were discovered in 2001. According to a 2016 Stratus Ag Research study, resistant and tough weeds currently infest more than 100 million acres of North American farmland. For additional weed control solutions, the Enlist weed control system was developed.

June 15, 2017  By Top Crop Manager

The People’s Republic of China has approved the import of grain produced from corn containing the Enlist trait. Dow Agrosciences will continue to work with China and their regulatory process for additional trait approvals, and wil also outlicence the PowerCore Enlist trait technology. 

The Enlist corn trait will be available as both SmartStax Enlist and PowerCore Enlist hybrids, offering a package of weed control and insect protection. Growers can begin ordering Enlist corn from Dow Seeds Seed Partners later this summer. 



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