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Case IH Celebrates 25 Years of Magnum Tractor

August 23, 2012, Racine, WI - The introduction of the Case IH Magnum tractor in 1987 marked a major milestone. The 1988 model year Magnum tractor was the first designed and produced after the birth of Case IH – the result of J.I. Case and International Harvester coming together. Since then, Case IH Magnum Series tractors have delivered producer-driven, proven technology that’s helped producers Be Ready for 25 years.

“The Magnum Series tractor has set the industry standard as the most powerful and productive row-crop tractor,” says Dan Klein, Case IH Marketing Manager for Magnum tractors. “These tractors introduced the red paint that has become the signature of the Case IH brand. Their cab-forward design and fully integrated mechanical front-wheel drive (MFD) were examples of International Harvester’s reputation of innovative leadership. It let customers know that this new company was off to the right start.”

Twenty-five years later, Magnum tractors are used in some of the most demanding agricultural applications worldwide. They have built a legacy for exceptional performance, reliability and durability that has been built on customers’ needs.

“Customer input has been the key ingredient to the successful design of Magnum tractors,” says Klein. “Producers told us they want a tractor with more power to handle demanding tasks at higher speeds, with better fuel efficiency – while maintaining operator comfort.”

Case IH engineers have delivered on customer requests, continuously improving and upgrading the Magnum tractor to keep pace with ever-growing productivity needs. Today’s Magnum tractor line-up offers power, an improved operator environment and outstanding fuel efficiency. Simple, robust designs drive machine reliability.

More Power, Fuel Efficiency

Magnum tractors are known for their ground-breaking, pulling power and torque with the highest horsepower in their class. Customer requests for more power in tough pulling conditions have been answered with Power Boost capabilities, providing up to an extra 35 engine horsepower for roading or mobile power take off (PTO) and hydraulic demands. Currently, there are nine Magnum models with PTO horsepower ranging from 150 to 290 to handle today’s larger row crop implements.

Magnum tractors are able to meet emissions requirements while increasing total fluid efficiency and reducing operating costs. All Magnum tractors meet Tier 4A emissions standards, using Case IH Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology for maximum performance with the lowest possible operating costs. SCR-only after treatment frees the engine to produce raw power from fresh fuel.

Magnum 235 through 340 models rely on the proven 8.7-liter engine, while Magnum 180 through 225 continue with the proven 6.7-liter power plant. These Case IH Tier 4 engines have fewer components and service requirements to maximize uptime and give you more hours in the field each day.

Klein notes that Magnum tractors were the first MFD tractors with factory fit front duals for improved tractive efficiency and reduced ground compaction. “Magnum tractors have ground-level service and only require oil changes every 600 hours,” he says. The intent of design like these help get producers out to the field working early and staying later to get more done in short windows.”

Magnum tractors are equipped with Diesel Saver Automatic Productivity Management (APM) that automatically selects the most efficient gear ratio and engine speed combination. When the Diesel Saver APM is activated, the operator simply selects the desired ground speed for optimized performance. “This represents double-digit fuel efficiency improvements over previous generations and also frees up the operator to focus on other things rather than driving the tractor,” says Klein.

Legendary Cab Comfort

Over 25 years ago, Case IH Magnum tractors set the benchmark for cab comfort, controls and visibility – being the first manufacturer to remove the exhaust from the center of the hood. Today’s cab and operating environment continue to lead the industry ensuring our operators can be as efficient as possible.

Magnum tractors offer a cab-forward design having the largest, quietest cab in this class. The cab space has 360-degree visibility and comfort that represent the hallmarks of the Magnum operator environment.
Operating controls have also been designed with extensive input from producers to create the MultiControl Armrest console. It puts key tractor functions at the operator’s fingertips and the touch screen AFS Pro 700 color display is integrated into the MultiControl Armrest, moving with the tractor seat.

“The controls you use most often are at your fingertips,” says Klein. “They feature universal, easy-to-understand symbols.”
A suspended cab option also is available with four-way compensation – front -and -back and up -and -down – for an even ride on rough terrain. These are just a few examples of how engineers have continued to improve the legendary operator comfort of Magnum tractors.

Silver Tractors For A Silver Celebration

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Magnum tractor, Case IH will be producing a limited number of silver Magnum 340 Powershift tractors. These commemorative tractors will be on display at farm shows this fall.

“Celebrating this milestone allows us to recognize the Magnum tractor reputation of innovation, reliability and productivity,” says Klein. “The Magnum has maintained its market position as the leading high-horsepower row-crop tractor, and we expect this to continue with its ability to deliver superior engine power through smart, efficient design.” 

August 29, 2012  By Case IH


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