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Alberta Pulse Growers and Canola Producers partner to improve industry education

February 7, 2023  By Top Crop Manager

Alberta Pulse Growers is partnering with Alberta Canola Producers this year to share curriculum-based activities with Alberta teachers about health, math, social, science and sustainability linked to growing and eating pulses and canola.

Two sessions will be offered, one for elementary school teachers and one for junior/senior high school teachers during the upcoming teachers’ convention Feb. 9-10.

The elementary session includes math, science, health, CTF and social teachers. This interactive session will share ideas to help teachers work with the new curriculum. They will explore a food labelling activity, apply math skills in the kitchen and learn about budgeting using foods on hand in the fridge and pantry, plus share information on the health benefits, science and sustainability linked to growing pulses and canola.


Developed for junior and senior high school science, health, CTS foods and CTS agriculture teachers, this hands-on session will explore the health benefits and science of canola and pulses and how they impact our cell development and health of our body systems. Participants will get their hands dirty as they explore how soil chemistry can impact the health and growth of canola and pulses, and discuss sustainable practices that farmers use to ensure optimum soil health to feed an ever-increasing global population.

Sessions will be available during upcoming teachers’ conventions Feb. 9-10; visit for more information.


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