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Vantage Ag launches new liquid fertilizer technology

February 7, 2023  By Top Crop Manager

Vantage Ag, a liquid fertilizer manufacturer and distribution company, has launched its first product from its proprietary nano technology platform.

This new technology is a highly effective nano-particle formulation designed to cover and penetrate plant tissue. The new liquid sulphur product contains sulphur particles less than a nanometer in size. These tiny particles allow the nutrient to be completely bio-available and quickly absorbed and metabolized by the plant.

Each nutrient particle is one-third to two-thirds of a nanometer, making them only 30 to 40 times larger than an atom.


“What we continue to see with all the nutrients we’ve successfully ionized is that our products go on at a fraction of the rate of competitor products,” says Paul Sinkevich, Vantage Ag president, “and yet, we are still getting 20 to 30 per cent more of that nutrient into the plant.”

Vantage Ag extensively tested this new liquid sulphur product with growers in Western Canada last year.


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