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92 per cent of canola positive for Sclerotinia in 2016

The government of Saskatchewan has released its annual Sclerotinia incidence map and the results show that Sclerotinia stem rot was observed in 92 per cent of canola crops surveyed. 

A total of 224 canola fields were chosen at random. The survey covered the northwest (44 fields), northeast (23 fields), west-central (24 fields), east-central (64 fields), southwest (36 fields) and southeast (33 fields). Due to random field selection, not every rural municipality (RM) was covered in each region, while multiple fields were surveyed in some RMs. In each field, 20 plants were collected at five different spots, all of which were at least 20 metres from the edge of the field.

Incidence of Sclerotinia stem rot was determined as a percentage of the 100 plants assessed that showed symptoms of the disease. Average incidence across all crops surveyed in the province was 24 per cent (26 per cent incidence in infected crops). The overall average incidence for the province was higher than in 2014 (14 per cent) and 2015 (7 per cent). Ultimately, the weather (especially moisture) will determine the disease risk for next season.

Click here to view the incidence map.

February 6, 2017  By Government of Saskatchewan


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