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Bayer corn herbicide now available in Eastern Canada

March 31, 2021  By Top Crop Manager

Bayer Crop Science announced today that Laudis corn herbicide is now commercially available for growers in Eastern Canada. Laudis offers fast-acting broadleaf weed control, including glyphosate-resistant biotypes, with short-term residual activity and excellent crop safety in field corn and sweet corn.

A Stratus survey revealed glyphosate-resistant weeds are already present on 35 per cent of Ontario farms. This has a significant impact on corn profitability, and can reduce yield up to 75 per cent depending on the weed species. Laudis is a Group 27 herbicide (tembotrione), providing growers with an additional mode of action to control glyphosate-resistant weeds, including Canada fleabane, giant ragweed, common waterhemp and common ragweed.

“Using multiple effective herbicide modes of action is key to reducing selection pressure on weed populations,” says Andrew Chisholm, trait and trait launch manager, Bayer. “Laudis is a Group 27 active, which gives growers a new tool in their toolbox for control of glyphosate-resistant weeds.”


Research trials showed Laudis has minimal effects on field corn and sweet corn, including pigment loss or bleaching injury, compared to other herbicides currently in the marketplace. Laudis also offers favourable rotation intervals for soybeans, potatoes and cereals, providing growers with even more flexibility. Laudis can be applied up to the 8-leaf stage, with rapid burndown and consistent control, and up to three weeks of residual activity when applied at the recommended rate (220 mL/ha).

“Laudis provides excellent tank-mix flexibility,” Chisholm adds. “It works well in combination with Roundup branded herbicides, especially as part of a two-pass program, helping growers tackle a wider weed spectrum, and maximizing yield potential at harvest.”

Laudis is available in Eastern Canada for the 2021 growing season. Growers are encouraged to talk to their local Bayer representative to learn more, or visit


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