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Growing interest in winter canola in Ontario

There is increasing interest in winter canola in Ontario and approximately 1000 acres are expected to be planted this fall.

August 27, 2018  By FieldCropNews

In OMAFRA’s latest crop report, they share herbicide injury concerns, seed recommendations, and planting date for winter canola as well as considerations for hail damaged corn and cover crops. The following are highlights from the report:

  • Depending on the corn’s plant stage, there is the potential for up to 30 per cent yield losses as a result of recent thunderstorms and some hail events in parts of Southwestern Ontario.
  • Growers should be aware of bacterial wilts, smuts and stalk rots which are opportunistic diseases that take advantage of plant wounds. Foliar fungicides do not protect against these diseases, but most modern grain corn hybrids have good resistance. 
  • It’s time to think about cover crops, and producers are asked to consider how much time is left before first frost, whether a winter cereal is a better option, and the best time to terminate the crop (in fall or spring). | READ MORE



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