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What is new in herbicide registrations

Just prior to spring, Bruce Barker, Top Crop Manager’s Western field editor, contacts agricultural suppliers for information on recent pesticide registrations and other news. New products offer opportunities for pest control, but remember, many other well-proven products are still on the market.

April 20, 2009  By Top Crop Manager


Just prior to spring, Bruce Barker, Top Crop Manager’s Western field editor, contacts agricultural suppliers for information on recent pesticide registrations and other news. New products offer opportunities for pest control, but remember, many other well-proven products are still on the market.

Registration status may change between press-time and season of use. Top Crop Manager advises producers to check label and provincial pest control manuals carefully.
Many of these new registrations appear in the Top Crop Manager weed control guide, published in our March issue and on the website at

New pea, canola and flax herbicides from BASF
Viper is a herbicide for field peas that delivers broad-spectrum control of grasses and broadleaf weeds with rotational freedom. Viper brings a new mode of action to field peas to deliver control of resistant wild mustard and volunteer canola, with strong activity on resistant kochia.


Tensile is a new Clearfield canola herbicide with superior wild buckwheat control. It has multiple modes of action, and offers solid weed resistance management. The year after spraying, cereals, peas, canary seed and canola can be grown. It is a broadspectrum grass and broadleaf weed herbicide. 

Flaxmax DLX is a new herbicide for flax that provides superior control of Canada thistle and grasses, including volunteer barley and green foxtail.  

BASF also has several label updates. Altitude FX and Adrenalin SC have both received the addition of Japanese brome grass suppression. Corn and sunflowers crops one year after Altitude FX and Adrenalin SC treatment in Clearfield wheat also have been added to
the labels. 


New broadleaf herbicide from Arysta
Deploy is a sulfonylurea (SU) herbicide from Arysta LifeScience that provides broad spectrum, post-emergent, broadleaf weed control and 18 tank-mix options. Deploy controls 21 broadleaf weeds and suppresses seven additional broadleaf weeds in spring wheat, winter wheat, durum, barley and oat. There are no re-cropping restrictions and due to its wide window of application, can be applied from the two-leaf to the flag-leaf stage of the crop. 
New from Nufarm
Credit 45 glyphosate is a new and more concentrated formula registered for Roundup Ready crops, and the company backs a 60-minute rainfast guarantee. The more concentrated 450 gram/litre formulation allows growers to treat more acres with fewer cartons to carry. Credit 45 is available in both cases and 450- litre shuttles.

New Signal herbicide contains the active ingredient clodinafop, for wild oat and green and yellow foxtail control in spring and durum wheat. Signal can be tank-mixed with more than 30 broadleaf herbicides for effective one-pass weed control. It can also be partnered with Decis Flowable insecticide, Matador 120EC insecticide and Tilt fungicide. Signal is rainfast in 30 minutes. One case of Signal treats 40 acres. Signal is a Group 1 herbicide.

Signal is also packaged for one-pass control in two convenient co-packs: Signal M (Signal + Mextrol) and Signal D  (Signal + Approve). Signal M provides proven grass control of Signal together with Mextrol (bromoxynil + MCPA Ester) to control wild buckwheat and a wide spectrum of broadleaf weeds.

Signal D combines Signal with Approve (bromoxynil and 2,4-D) for extra strength control of an even wider spectrum of broadleaf weeds, including tough competitors such as kochia. Signal M and Signal D are available in 20-acre cases and 400-acre bulk packs.
Two more MANA registrations
Makhteshim Agan of North America, Canada Ltd. (MANA Canada) has several recent herbicide registrations.Bison 400L is the first herbicide to be introduced to Canada with the active ingredient tralkoxydim since Liquid Achieve was originally registered. Bison is registered for use in wheat (spring, winter and durum), barley and rye and controls Persian darnel, wild oats and foxtails. Bison is available in a 40 acre case that contains an eight-litre jug of Bison and an eight-litre jug of Addit adjuvant.

Bengal120EC is a grassy weed herbicide for use in spring wheat (including durum). It contains the active ingredient fenoxaprop-p-ethyl, and provides exceptional wild oat, barnyard grass and green foxtail control and is tank-mixable with nearly 30 broadleaf weed herbicides. Packaged in 6.2-litre jugs that cover 20 acres or 99.3-litre drums that treat 320 acres.

DuPont registers new herbicide and introduces new herbicide dispenser
Express PRO is a new herbicide blend for cereal growers who want greater activity from their glyphosate pre-seed burnoff. Express PRO provides superior and extended control of key broadleaf weeds including dandelion, narrow-leaved hawk’s beard and volunteer Roundup Ready canola for up to 15 days following application. When Express PRO is tank-mixed with 0.5-litre equivalent of glyphosate, growers get control of broadleaf weeds from two herbicide groups: Groups 2 and 9.

Harmony SG now contains a new and improved formulation with the adjuvant included in the same jug with the herbicide. That means fewer jugs for growers to handle and rinse. Harmony SG provides control of wild oats, green foxtail and five-leaf wild buckwheat, in addition to 20 other broadleaf weeds.

Express SG is now registered as a tank-mixed with any glyphosate. 

Refine M and Harmony K are both registered for control of dandelion: spring or fall rosettes, less than 15 centimetres (six inches) in diameter.

Refine M no longer requires the addition of surfactant when used alone. 

Refine M and Assure II are both now registered for aerial application. 

Harmony K will control wild buckwheat up to the five-leaf stage.

Triton C is now registered for control of round-leaved mallow (two- to six-leaf), and can be tank-mixed with Axial for one-pass control. A tank-mix with Everest for wild oats and green foxtail control in spring wheat, or with Puma Super for green foxtail control in spring wheat and barley has been added to the label. Triton C now contains sulfonylurea herbicide that is Powered by Solumax soluble granules. It comes packaged in one small, convenient jug.
The DuPont PrecisionPac herbicide delivery system allows growers to select herbicide blends that are customized to their specific weed control needs in each field. The system will then dispense precisely the right amount of product required, right at the retailer’s outlet.

New offerings from Syngenta
Broadband is the first pre-formulated herbicide to deliver grass and broadleaf weed control in both spring wheat and barley, eliminating the need for tank-mixing or the use of co-packs. Broadband has a wide window for application and can be applied from the one leaf stage to the flag leaf stage of the crop. Broadband will be available for the 2009 growing season in 40-acre and 320-acre packaging sizes.

New Horizon NG is a one-pass grass herbicide solution for spring wheat and durum. Horizon NG has the same weed spectrum as its predecessor formulation Horizon 240EC. The herbicide is used to control grass weeds in spring and durum wheat, such as wild oats, green foxtail, barnyard grass, Persian darnel, volunteer (tame) oats and volunteer canary seed. It comes pre-mixed with Score adjuvant in a single 40-acre jug and a 320-acre bulk container.

Pulsa is another new herbicide from Syngenta for use on all varieties of durum, spring wheat and barley. Pulsar contains two Group 4 broadleaf herbicides, dicamba and fluroxypyr, and provides dual-action management for the increasingly problematic form of Group 2-resistant kochia, as well as non-resistant kochia. Pulsar is customizable with rate range and an MCPA tank-mix option, and is tank-mixable with Horizon. Main pests controlled or suppressed with the addition of MCPA include kochia, stinkweed, flixweed, lamb’s-quarters, shepherd’s purse, volunteer canola, wild buckwheat, wild mustard, cleavers and volunteer flax.

Dow receives label updates
Simplicity, a non-residual herbicide with cross spectrum grass and broadleaf weed control in spring wheat and durum has received a series of new broadleaf tank-mix registrations and label weed additions. Simplicity is now registered for control of barnyard grass and Japanese brome weeds. In addition to the tank-mixes of MCPA, Frontline, Spectrum and Buctril M, Simplicity is also now also registered for use with Attain, Benchmark, Curtail M and Thumper for 2009. Further label additions and uses are anticipated in the near future.

Benchmark, introduced in 2008 is now available in standard 40-acre per case units and 800-acre bulk packaging. Benchmark provides spring wheat, durum and barley growers a new option for improved and highly consistent control of broadleaf weeds frequently found in southern crop regions like wild buckwheat, kochia and Russian thistle.

Liquid Achieve, a grass herbicide in wheat and barley, has undergone packaging improvements for user convenience in 2009. It will now be available in both bulk (480-acre) and in 80-acre-per-case packaging. To ensure optimal performance, growers will be required to purchase Turbocharge adjuvant separately for all Liquid Achieve applications. This change allows for greater flexibility based on spray application volumes.

New cereal herbicide from Bayer
Velocity m3 combines two of Bayer CropScience’s newest active ingredients (thiencarbazone-methyl and pyrasulfotole) with Bromoxynil for grass and broadleaf weed control in spring and durum wheat. Velocity m3 controls and suppresses more than 20 grassy and broadleaf weeds including wild oats, green foxtail, barnyard grass, cleavers, wild buckwheat, kochia, volunteer canola, stinkweed, hemp-nettle and chickweed. Velocity m3 has three modes of action (Group 27, 6, 2) and has excellent recropping flexibility.
Infinity broadleaf herbicide has received registration on two new herbicide tank-mix partners, Axial and Achieve, popular grassy weed herbicides for wheat and barley. These are in addition to the previous grassy weed tank-mix options Puma Super and Horizon. Control of common ragweed and suppression of round-leaved mallow have also been added to
Infinity’s label.


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