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Managing N fertilizer for corn

February 24, 2020  By Top Crop Manager

Increasingly wet planting and growing seasons mean less time in the field to manage your corn crops and their nutrient needs. The upward trend in spring precipitation can’t be controlled, but you can control how you apply nitrogen (N) to your fields to achieve maximum N retention and efficiency.

The University of Minnesota Extension’s field crop news recently released an article discussing the wide variability in N rates and retention for corn crops. The main takeaway is that split application of nitrogen fertilizers – a portion in the spring prior to planting, and the rest applied when the corn crop was about 10 inches tall – was an effective management practice, especially in the wettest fields.

The data and recommendations featured in the article are for Minnesota, so they should be considered in the context of your own fields. OMAFRA’s AgriSuite tools can be helpful in determining nutrient recommendations for your fields based on their unique characteristics. Using the University of Minnesota Extension data with AgriSuite will enable you to use the updated N management techniques with greater specificity on your land. |READ MORE



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