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Study says Manitoba corn industry stabilizing

June 27, 2013, Carman, MB - A study commissioned by the Manitoba Corn Growers Association shows the corn industry in Manitoba is stabilizing; that acres are increasing - reducing the dependency on U.S. corn imports; and that the economic benefits from corn production in 2012 provided greater economic support on a per hectare basis than alternatives (i.e. canola).

Informa Economics, which conducted the study, estimated that 2012 Manitoba corn production provided $116.97 million in added value to the provincial economy. This support to the local economy is a result of direct, indirect, and induced business sales of $281.32 million and employment of 852 jobs, which includes 402 full-time-equivalent non-farm jobs. The boost to Manitoba's economy from choosing corn over an alternative, such as canola, was an increase of $16.06 million from increased sales of $121.13 million and employment of 168 jobs additional non-farm jobs.

The economic support to the Canadian economy, including Manitoba, from the 2012 corn crop was $168.23 million generated from $383.90 million in business sales and 1,272 total jobs.

The Manitoba Corn Growers Association represents over 1,000 corn farmers in Manitoba.

June 28, 2013  By Top Crop Manager


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