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Scientists to EPA: Boost biomass regulations

June 23, 2014 - In a letter submitted Thursday to the Environmental Protection Agency, 91 of the country's leading scientists urged the EPA to draft new scientifically sound rules to curb carbon emissions from biomass-fueled power plants.

The letter came as the EPA concluded a three-year evaluation period to more accurately determine the carbon emissions effects of using biomass fuels, such as burning whole trees and other plant materials in large-scale electricity generation.

The EPA appointed a Science Advisory Board in 2011 that found several concerns with the agency's draft carbon accounting framework and made recommendations to more effectively assess the carbon-emissions impact of biomass energy production. The letter from the larger U.S. scientific community echoes the the board's concerns and underscores several of its key recommendations.


June 23, 2014  By Poughkeepsie Journal


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