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Saskatchewan invests in ag manufacturing

April 19, 2024  By Top Crop Manager

Saskatchewan’s provincial government has invested $300,000 into Agricultural Manufacturers of Canada (AMC) to create a mobile, virtual-reality skills lab.

According to a provincial press release, the mobile skills lab will “visit school campuses and community events across Saskatchewan to promote career opportunities within the agricultural manufacturing industry,” with a goal of highlighting what a job in the industry looks like through virtual reality technology.

The release says the mobile skills lab will travel across Saskatchewan this summer and promote careers in the agricultural manufacturing industry to students, parents, teachers and communities.


“In addition to growing the workforce, the mobile skills lab will showcase professional development opportunities to those already working in the agricultural manufacturing industry,” the release continues.

According to the release, the province’s ag manufacturing export industry has experienced a 129 per cent growth over the past five years, from $364.2 million in 2019, to of $853 million in 2023.

“Agricultural manufacturers play an important role in driving our provincial economy and employ people in communities across Saskatchewan,” said Jeremy Harrison, immigration and career training minister, in the release. “Saskatchewan is a leader in innovative agriculture and this investment ensures that agricultural equipment manufacturers will continue to attract the talent needed to support their growth.”


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