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Saskatchewan invests in novel wheat straw pulping technologies

July 14, 2021  By Saskatchewan Agriculture

Innovation Saskatchewan is committing $395,000 to Red Leaf Pulp through its Saskatchewan Advantage Innovation Fund (SAIF) to develop novel wheat straw pulping technologies. In March 2021, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) also announced it was providing $495,000 toward this project through its Agricultural Clean Technology Fund.

Red Leaf Pulp (RLP) is leading a project to commercialize new technologies to produce pulp from wheat straw, which can be used to manufacture paper and packaging products. Wheat straw pulp also has the potential to be an environmentally friendly feedstock for paper and single-use consumer packaging, and an additional source of revenue for wheat growers.

In addition to paper and packaging products, RLP will also work with researchers at the University of Saskatchewan to identify and develop additional high-value applications. Once the pulping technology has been successfully commercialized, RLP will establish Canada’s first wheat straw pulp facility in Regina. The facility is estimated to be worth $350 million and is expected to create 110 permanent full-time jobs and 250 jobs during construction.

Innovation Saskatchewan’s investment in RLP through SAIF will continue to position the province as global ag innovation leaders and add value to the province’s agricultural products – all important objectives in the Saskatchewan Growth Plan 2020-2030.


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