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Sask Wheat commits over $1.79 million to collaborative wheat research

January 11, 2023  By Top Crop Manager

Sask Wheat. Courtesy Sask Wheat

The Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission (Sask Wheat) has committed more than $1.79 million to 15 research projects funded under the Saskatchewan Agriculture Development Fund (ADF) in 2022. The Honourable David Marit, minister of agriculture, announced the funding of all crop-related ADF projects funded through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership prior to the SaskOats AGM on Jan 11.

“The ADF funding process allows producers to be involved in important research that will build long-term, sustainable growth for the industry,” says Sask Wheat chair Brett Halstead. “We are pleased to partner with the Government of Saskatchewan and collaborate with other ADF co-funders to invest in new opportunities for wheat producers and strengthen the future of Canadian agriculture.”

The Sask Wheat funding includes projects identified through the ADF intake process and funded by Sask Wheat solely or in partnership with other Prairie crop commissions and/or the ADF. The approved projects include developing high-yielding wheat varieties that are drought tolerant, accelerating the phenotyping of wheat to select germplasm that is resistant to Fusarium head blight and stripe rust and the effect of integrated crop management on weed life cycles.


Sask Wheat has committed over $18 million to projects through the ADF process since 2014. This research falls into the areas of variety development, production and post-production.

The ADF is supported through the federal-provincial Canadian Agricultural Partnership, a five-year, $388-million agreement between the federal and provincial governments to invest in strategic initiatives for Saskatchewan agriculture.

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