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O&T’s organic linPRO provides the natural way to enrich foods with Omega-3s

Organic sales in the United States were worth $47 billion in 2016, and organic food sales represent more than five per cent of total retail sales. In Canada, over 55 per cent of consumers purchase organic products on a weekly basis. With its new Certified Organic linPRO and linPRO-R animal feed ingredients, O&T Farms is helping its customers serve this growing market segment.

O&T Farms is a proven leader in the Omega-3 animal feed ingredient market, using its patented dry-extrusion process in the manufacturer of linPRO and linPRO-R. These specialty feed products aid in the consistent and reliable enrichment of Omega-3s into eggs, dairy and meats. The organic LinPRO products now provide the same nutritional advantages of enhanced digestibility, energy availability and improved rumen escape values only now using verified organic ingredients.

“We always strive to be responsive to changing markets, such as the incredible growth in organics, and develop products that allow our customers to be as versatile and serve as many markets as possible,” says Elan Ange, CEO of O&T Farms. “The organic certification of linPRO(organic) and linPRO-R(organic) means our flaxseed-based products can offer animal health and production benefits to a wider range of livestock producers. They open the door for the production of Omega-3 enriched organic alternatives for consumer food products such as milk, eggs, beef and chicken.”

LinPRO and linPRO-R are certified through International Certification Services Inc. under the National Organic Program (NOP) in accordance with USDA Agricultural Marketing Services and the Canadian Organic Regime (COR). The LinPRO brand offers high-energy, flaxseed-based feed products with high levels of fatty acids and amino acids.

The Omega-3 fatty acids contained in flaxseed have been associated with many animal and human health benefits. Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to provide immunological benefits and potential production benefits to livestock, as well as human benefits that include improving brain and eye health and lowering the risk of heart disease, depression, dementia and arthritis. Additionally, feeding linPRO branded products to livestock is a natural way to improve the nutritional value of the end product (i.e. milk, eggs and animal protein) and therefore offer healthier alternatives to consumers.

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January 26, 2018  By Top Crop Manager


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